The most popular on the market for its durability, versatility and excellent relation between quality and Price.

Made with aluminum high naval quality alloy 6005/6082 A-T6. It is a tailor-made product and production which allows to adapt each project and pontoon to the customer needs and to their preferences, and also to the boat size, wind conditions, tide, mooring system, and all conditions existing on each specific location.

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The concrete pontoons are considered the highest level in strength, stability and durability. Made with self-compacting reinforced concrete, expanded polystyrene core and a large range of accessories.

The floating concrete breakwaters are wave attenuators. Tailor-made design for each location depending the local conditions. Highest quality product with own know-how and manufacturing.

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RONAUTICA MARINAS has developed in its more than 25 years of activity, a huge range of access walkways with special requirements , both fixed and articulated.

Service overloads starting in 150 kg/m2 up to 500 kg/m2, lengths over 30 meters in case of articulated, and distance between supports of 11,60 m for the fixed walkways. Please contact our technical department, and we will prepare the optimized solution for your particular requirement.

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We produce and commercialize all the accesories that your dock needs: cleats, stands, fixed or mobile pumping stations for lavatory water and bildge water, jet ski platforms, hatches, boarding ladders, bumpers… Our experience in this type of accesories will help you setting your own floating dock.

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Convocatoria de Subvencións do Instituto Enerxético de Galicia a proxectos de Aforro e Eficiencia na industria e servizos ano 2016

Denominación do Proxecto Subvencionado: ILUMINACIÓN 2016 (expediente IN417Y-16A347)

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