Ronautica Marinas has begun its design activity, manufacturing and installation of marinas, fishing ports and floating structures in 1989, with the construction of the Real Club Nautico de Vigo. More than 25 years of experience are our sign of identity.

Initially, as a part of the company Ronautica S.A., and since 2015, as Ronautica Quality Marinas, S.L., we are the first company in Spain, and one of the pioneers in Europe in developing floating pontoons and marina projects. Located in Tui, Galicia, in our facilities of 3000 m2 we have our own production resources, and our own assembly procedure, with a consolidated collaboration with our suppliers and expertise to deal each kind of turnkey projects we execute, from small wharfs to big marinas including the logistical management, pile driving and installation on site with our own specialized team.

With a strategy based on the investigation and development, the business collaboration and the internationalization, Ronautica Marinas is targeted towards a customized service to provide the best solutions to a market which knows by first hand. The experience of Ronautica on the management of marinas, design and construction of sailing boats and services related to the marine industry, is part of the DNA and knowledge of Ronautica Marinas, identity signs which make us being different against other companies at the same sector.


Our commitment is to build first class quality Marinas. Our goal is to be recognized because of the top level service and involvement we provide to our customers and the quality of our final product. We believe that companies are their employees, and the passion for the job, honesty and endeavor on the daily work of each one of the professional who works in Ronautica Marinas is reflected in the quality of the marinas that we build.

Convocatoria de Subvencións do Instituto Enerxético de Galicia a proxectos de Aforro e Eficiencia na industria e servizos ano 2016

Denominación do Proxecto Subvencionado: ILUMINACIÓN 2016 (expediente IN417Y-16A347)

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