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Rotomolded Polyethylene

We have our own range of rotomolded floats with expanded polystyrene inside. They are lights, resistant, guaranteed against corrosion and without need of maintenance. If you need special measures of freeboard feel free to contact us.

Concrete Floats.

Combined with the aluminum frame and composite/hardwood pavement, it becomes the intermediate level of functionality and prices between the aluminum pontoons with polyethylene floats and the heavy duty concrete pontoons. It gets the best of each option.


Aluminum Serie

Rubber elastomers reinforced with a patented system of metallic fibers that link the modules of the floating pontoons between then. Ready to absorb and resist million of cycles during the entire lifetime of the marina.

Concrete pontoons Serie

Connection boxes, bolts and screws made of galvanized steel. Combined with elastomeric blocks with high resistance, form the union system between concrete pontoons. Dimension of the joints varies depending on the type of floating dock and its location.

Concrete breakwater Serie

Dimensioned for each particular project, it is related with the type of breakwater and mooring system selected. Two systems: hard joints with bolts and blocks or flexible ones with cables. As a protective barrier against storms and waves, the breakwaters and its connections are the components most studied and reinforced of our range of products.


Connection structure between floating docks and steel tubes when it is used as mooring system for the marina. Rings availables internal or external to the pontoons. Made with galvanized steel for concrete pontoons/breakwaters, or aluminium for the light aluminum pontoons. Includes elastomeric blocks or rollers. These reinforced structures are another sample of our constructive quality, sign of identity of Ronautica Marinas. Just compare with other manufacture.


Made of aluminium cast, we have different types depending on the size of the vessel. Breaking loads of 4.5, 10 and 20 Tn. Customizable with the marina logo. We have also available designs made with stainless steel.


Lateral protection for pontoons, fingers and pile guides (rings) for avoid direct contact between the boat and the metallic/concrete structure at docks. Our standard finish is made with wood or composite, depending on the material selected as pavement. As an additional element for a superior level of equipment, we have a wide range of perimeter fenders made with PVC, EVA or HPDM with different designs which allows to customize the marina to the customer ́s preferences, and also meet the technical requirements of each project.


Complete range of pavement: Tropical hardwood, technical composite, GRP tramex and concrete planks. Choose the superficial finish for your pontoons, depending on the use and preferences.More than 25 years in the sector, it has helped us to select the best materials and suppliers.


Steel piles, seaflex, chain, HEB guides, connecting rods...At Ronautica Marinas we know and we work with all anchoring systems that are on the market. We have our own piling equipment. We make the calculations related to foundations and the topographic works in order to be responsible of the whole process from the anchoring system design up to its execution in order to allow you having only one contractor and guarantee.


We work with the most important companies which manufacture Service Pedestals with the purpose to design and install all services of water supply and electricity that the boats need.


Pump out systems for collection of waste water, SOS Pedestals, Fire cabinets, Petrol Stations... We have an extense catalogue of accessories to complete the Marina equipment and comply with all international quality regulations and standards related to marinas.

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